Get instant access to:

  • Pre-recorded video lessons with visual demonstrations

  • Mini quizzes to affirm what you have learnt

  • Printable templates for quicker sample making

  • A live Q&A virtual session for each module

  • A fun non-qualification certificate upon completion

  • A newfound confidence in your sewing and design skills


Course overview

  • Module 1

    - What should be in your sewing box

    - Fabrics chat and chart

    - What is a grain line and how to cut your dress making patterns out in fabric

  • Module 2

    - Learn how to create a variety of seams and hems

    - Learn how to choose the right ones for your projects

    - Learn how to achieve great finish WITHOUT an overlocker

  • Module 3

    - Get creative with panels

    - Learn how to create and work with panels

    - Learn to sew curves and corners

  • Module 4

    - What are facings and how to make your own facing patterns

    - Learn how to apply facings for necklines and armholes

    - Learn alternative ways to neaten raw edges

  • Module 5

    - Get creative with darts

    - Learn to add, move and combine darts to make the waistline of your skirts and trousers fit well

    - Learn to stitch a plain dart

  • Module 6

    - Get creative with bust and waist darts on tops

    - Learn to move, adjust and combine darts to make your clothes fit well

    - Learn to create and stitch dress darts

Who is your teacher?

What Students Say?

“Eva is very passionate about designing which is evident as the course is confidently delivered in a knowledgeable yet relaxed way. The course provides you with the confidence to sew and Eva puts you, as a student, at ease, as she always provides feedback with encouragement. Will definitely recommend to any of my friends, and their siblings (younger generation would very much be interested in this – if not, they should be!) Thanks Eva - great course from a great instructor and designer !!! ”



  • How much time should I spend on each module?

    Ultimately it is up to you how long you spend on each module but on average 1 - 2 weeks per module are recommended. You may find some modules easier and quicker to complete than others, which may take you a little longer. This would depend on the things you enjoy most about sewing and fashion design and on your previous experience.

  • How much fabric would I need for sample making?

    The amount of fabric you would need would depend on the amount of samples you are planning to make for each module. Around 2 metres of fabric (or different fabrics to create more colourful and fun samples) would be sufficient but you can use more to make more samples if you prefer.

  • Are the Q&A sessions compulsory?

    The Q&A live sessions are not compulsory. However, students have found them very useful. They are a place to meet other students in small groups, compare your learning experiences and also ask questions about things that you have found a little difficult. The sessions are for your benefit and will keep you motivated as you go, so while they are not compulsory - it is recommended that you are part of them as much as possible.

  • Do I get a certificate once I complete the course?

    This is a fun non-qualification course for fashion hobbyists and craft lovers. Upon completion of the course you will be emailed a non-qualification certificate. This is not an official document but it is a token of your achievement.

What Students Say?

“Following Eva’s introduction course to Sustainable Fashion was a great experience. It allowed me to deepen my sewing skills while having fun creating as well as meeting lovely people! ”